Our Story

Dr. Clayton Casey, M.D., is the founder and practicing physician at Workhub Work Health Services. Dr. Casey and his staff grew up in the central valley, they attended local public schools and they have invested in their community and county for decades. Dr. Casey’s goal was to return to an underserved area to improve healthcare disparity. Over the years, occupational medicine in the central valley has become more corporate. It moved away from patient satisfaction and care, which led to longer wait times, higher cost, more downtime, stress, uncertainty and longer time off work causing more financial strain for injured workers. Our goal is to focus on the patient experience, less wait time, continuity of care with one provider with the ultimate goal to have patients back to work in a timely manner. We are a local medical clinic looking for local partnerships with local businesses and public¬†entities so together we can improve¬†Our Local Workers Compensation Health System.

Make Workers Comp Work For You